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    Clean Machine is a highly regarded leader in coffee machine maintenance. They have a few distinct advantages over other brands, which is why we chose to stock them: 1) There is no filling agent used in the product - this means that less chemical is used to get the same clean as other brands.  2) The higher concentration means you use less of the product.

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    A fantastic addition to every Aeropress set-up! Purchasing just one of these guys ensures that you never need the paper filters again. We have given them a run through in-store and found them to produce a consistently delicious cup of coffee - three thumbs up from the Yahava crew!

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    This heat proof Hario Coffee Decanter is fantastic for serving your beverages hot or cold. They're especially good for when you're brewing for more than just yourself. This saves you, you have to brew in to a single cup and then split it! 

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    Love using your Pod machine but hate the koffee that came with it? Problem solved! Now you can use your favourite Yahava koffee in your pod machine whenever you want... pretty cool huh? Packet of 50 single use pods include lids suitable for Nespresso Machines

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    Need to restock the supply? 365 filter papers - one for every day of the year!

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    A battery operated milk-frother for when you just need that morning latte and can't be bothered going to the local cafe!

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