Pour over is the broad name given to a variety of methods that involve pouring hot water over ground coffee in a paper, cloth, or metal mesh filter. The method itself is as old as the hills and is often used in poorer nations because all you need is a filter and a cup. Usually suited to coffees that are roasted slightly lighter and carry some brighter fruitier tones. Great for the coffee drinker who wants to enjoy the nuances inherent to the bean.

We produced this recipe with a Hario V60, however you can use it for other pour-over devices as well. Feel free too play around with the recipe to suit your personal preference.

What you will need:
Hario V60 Pour Over brew device
Hot water (not boiling - around 92 degrees)
300ml cup or jug
2.5tbsp coffee (20grams) - freshly ground for filter

  1. Boil fresh water... Any old or previously boiled water doesn't taste the same. Aim for a temp of around 92 degrees.

    Tip: Boil the kettle and let it sit for one and a half minutes.

  2. Place the paper filter in the V60 and rinse with some hot water. Make sure the whole filter paper comes in to contact with some water. (This helps remove the ‘papery’ taste some filters give-off.) Discard the water.

  3. Grab your coffee, freshly ground if possible. Obviously it’s ideal to have a scale, but if not, bank on 2 and a half tablespoons per 1-cup pour-over (the small one). Place it carefully in the bottom of the filter.

  4. Take the kettle and saturate the coffee grinds, ensuring there are no dry spots.

  5. Let the coffee sit for 30 seconds, the is called letting your coffee ‘bloom’.

  6. Pour steadily and slowly for 1 and a half minutes. The aim here is to evenly pour the water in to the ‘coffee slurry’ whilst maintaining the ‘crust’ of the coffee.

    The ‘coffee slurry’  is what we call the coffee brew before it has made its way through the filter.
    The crust of the coffee is the layer of grounds on the surface of the brew.

  7. Stop pouring after 1 and a half minutes and let the coffee rest for 30 seconds.

  8. Remove the paper filter and the coffee grounds from the V60 and discard. Rinse your V60 brewer.

  9. Your brew is complete and ready to be slowly indulged, but hey - we know your going to slurp it down in a couple of seconds because it so delightful :)

  10. Grab the person closest to you and show them your first brew. Give them a sip, because coffee is always better shared.

  11. Now send us an email and let us know how you would went. we'd even love to see a photo of your brew :)

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