The Aeropress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the president of Aerobe, the Frisbee company as a way to obtain a more intense, smaller cup of coffee without such things as a stovetop espresso maker. The lightweight BPA free plastic design makes it perfect to take travelling, but is durable for every-day use. One of the biggest benefits of the Aeropress, though, is it’s versatility there are a tone of recipes online that will suit the palate of almost anyone!

What you will need:
Aeropress brew device
Aeropress filter (paper or stainless)
Hot water (not boiling - around 92 degrees)
Sturdy cup or jug
2tbsp coffee (20grams) - freshly ground for filter

We are using the inverted Aeropress method, which is essentially brewing the aeropress upside down! This means you will secure the screw top and filter that holds the filter paper at the very end of the brewing process, just prior to plunging the brew.

  1. Set the Aeropress to the top of 4 by putting the brewer upside down and pulling the outer tube up until its base reaches the number 4 on the side of vessel.

  2. Grab your coffee, freshly ground if possible. Obviously it’s ideal to have a scale, but if not, bank on 2 tablespoons per Aeropress. Throw it in to the vessel.

  3. Fill to the halfway point (number 2), ensuring all the grounds are wet.

  4. Stir gently to ensure all coffee is wet.

  5. Let the coffee brew for 45 seconds (i.e. kickback and let the magic happen).

  6. Rinse off the paper filter and pop it in the filter holder.

  7. Lock the filter holder on to the Aeropress.

  8. Ninja flip the Aeropress on to the cup so that the filter holder comes in to contact with the cup.

  9. Remove the paper filter and the coffee grounds from the V60 and discard. Rinse your V60 brewer.

  10. Slowly, but firmly, press down on the Aeropress and watch as your sweet caffeinated nectar is plunged in to your drinking vessel. 

  11. Remove the filter holder and discard ,the paper filter (don't discard you reusable one though!). Expel the used grounds and rinse your Aeropress and set it aside to dry.

  12. Your brew is complete and ready to be slowly indulged, but hey - we know your going to slurp it down in a couple of seconds because it so delightful.

  13. Grab the person closest to you and show them your first brew. Give them a sip, because coffee is always better shared!

  14. Now send us an email and let us know how you would went. we'd even love to see a photo of your brew :)

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