espresso brew guide


The Espresso is the industry standard for coffee in Australia and can be the most complex (and expensive!) method of brewing coffee.

We’ve put together a  pretty simple recipe for getting a great espresso extraction that we personally enjoy - and we think you will too. Don't forget to stock up on more beans after you've made your coffee! You're gonna need them for our next lesson!

1. Grab your coffee, freshly ground if possible (but more on that later). You’ll need roughly 19 grams per 'double shot' - just under two and a half tablespoons.

2. Get enough cold milk ready to fill your desired mug! We suggest using about 240mls of milk for a double shot of coffee (Or hot water if you're a long black drinker).

Tip: if you're having a long black, aim for a water temp of around 75 degrees.

3. Get your 19 grams of coffee in to the group handle's basket - inhale some of that beautiful coffee aroma as you do. Tamp it down gently - there is no need for any significant pressure. All you're looking for is for the coffee to sit evenly in the basket. 

Tip: don't 'screw' the coffee in with the tamp. Just press down once (gently) and release - that's it.

4. Pop your group handle in to your espresso machine and hit the 'double shot' button.

If you're having a long black, ensure the espresso pours directly on to the hot water, as this ensure you capture the coffee's crema.

You're looking for the espresso shot to pour for about 27 seconds (2-3 seconds either side of this is fine). Your resulting yield should be around 45mls of espresso.

5. Gently texture your milk to about 65 degrees (if applicable).

6. Gently pour the milk over the espresso, try to pour the milk in a way that lifts the crema to top of the vessel!

7. Grab the person closest to you and show them your first brew. Give them a sip, because coffee is always better shared.

8. Now send us an email and let us know how you would went. we'd even love to see a photo of your brew :)