Cold Drip is slowly becoming a staple summer beverage. It's a pretty versatile brewing method in that there are many ways to prepare it and many ways to enjoy it. If you do a little hunting around, you can find some pretty incredible recipes out there with all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients. 

A few cheeky experimenters have been known to swap the water out with something a little more *cough cough*... bite, for a special end of the week dram. 

What you will need:
Cold Drip Tower
Cold water
Paper filter
Coffee (read below for how much!)

Tip: Cold drips come in a pretty wide range of sizes - so instead of giving you a specific amount of water and coffee, we decided it would probably be easier to provide a ratio for coffee and water, so you can adapt it for any size cold drip tower (for example, we have a 3 litre cold drip tower!).

Our Ratio: 1:15 | coffee:water | E.g 20g coffee will use 300ml of water.

  1. Place the cold drip's mesh filter in the bottom of the central chamber of your cold drip tower.

  2. Place the desired amount of freshly coffee in to the central chamber.

  3. Stir a small amount of water through the grounds until the resemble moist earth.

    Use a plastic or wooden spoon to avoid damaging your tower.

  4. Place a wet paper filter on top of the coffee grounds.

    This is used as a water dispersal device to prevent the drips "digging a hole" in the coffee resulting in an uneven extraction.

  5. Fill the top chamber with the desired amount of cold water.

  6. Place the bottom chamber in place to catch the dripping.

  7. Turn the little tap so that it is dripping every 1-2 seconds.

  8. Check the flow periodically to ensure that the drip-rate remains consistent.

  9. Your brew is complete and ready to be slowly indulged, but hey - we know your going to slurp it down in a couple of seconds because it so delightful :)

  10. Grab the person closest to you and show them your first brew. Give them a sip, because coffee is always better shared.

  11. Now send us an email and let us know how you would went. we'd even love to see a photo of your brew :)

If you your grinder's looking a little empty, we can help you top it up with some delicious beans!