Stovetop is a classic Italian style brew method which gained mass fame back in the '30s when it was considered one of the first ways of making 'espresso-style' coffee at home. People theorised a future with no cafes, no baristas, no need for US - luckily, there came a time when everyone realised that there is a special joy in having a professional barista make you a delicious coffee in a beautiful cafe environment. Safe to say, there was room enough for the home barista and the professional.

Stovetop coffee is an older style brew method and thus is for those who like a rich and bold brew!

What you will need:

Stovetop Coffee Maker


Paper filter

Finely Ground Coffee (enough to fill the filter)

A stovetop (obviously) or a burner of some kind!

1. Fill the bottom chamber of the vessel with water to just below the safety valve.

2. Fill the filter basket with finely ground coffee until it is slightly over-filled.

Use the back of a knife or your finger to scrape off excess grounds at the top and level off your coffee.

3. Don't tamp the coffee down (espresso aficionados will want to... but don't, it's bad).

4. Use your finger to scrape off any excess grounds around the edge so that you can make a tight seal.

5. Place the filter basket on to the bottom chamber.

6. Place the bottom chamber in place to catch the dripping.

7. Tightly screw the top chamber on to the bottom.

8. Place the brew vessel on to your stovetop (or burner) over a medium-low heat.

9. Once brewed coffee is trickling down in to the top chamber - whack that heat down to as low as it can go.

10. Now, quick, grab a stool and a ukulele and serenade the caffeine out of those shy little coffee grounds - this part is vital. Most beans are quite partial to a little Jimi Hendrix unplugged.

11. Once all the water is in the top chamber you can throw a high five to your mates because you're almost across that finish line.

12. Turn the burner off, remove the brewer and pour your brew in to as many cups as there are mouths waiting to drink it.

13. Once the unit is cool give it a pretty good rinse.

14. Don't rinse it whilst it's still hot, it won't like the temperature difference and you can damage the seals and the safety valve!

15. Grab the person closest to you and show them your first brew. Give them a sip, because coffee is always better shared.

16. Now send us an email and let us know how you would went. we'd even love to see a photo of your brew :)

If you your grinder's looking a little empty, we can help you top it up with some delicious beans!