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To create the Yahava Premium series Triple "C" we have spent many hours sample roasting and cupping three certified beans and crafted them into a very special blend. Using a highlands grown certified organic coffee from Papua New Guinea, a sought after Fairtrade certified, Mexican variety and finally a certified Rainforest Alliance Brazillian coffee to complete the Triple Certification - we have created a unique and tantalizing coffee that will appeal to the connoisseur.


Occasionally, during our adventures, we discover coffees that reflect their origin in such a way, through a combination of concentration and balance, that sets them apart. These coffees carry the title of 'Yahava Premium Series' and, we believe, are amongst the best in the world. They are the result of a special relationship between grower and region, and we compete with boutique roasters the world over to source these rare beans. We then roast with meticulous attention to detail, to produce a 'must taste' experience for coffee lovers.


Their rarity means we will only ever source small quantities of these coffees for our 'Yahava Premium Series' releases, and only when the harvests become available so we are able to present them at their freshest.




This koffee is a smooth well rounded koffee and a great way to get started on a koffee journey and experience that you will never turn back from

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Premium Series Triple C

Premium Series Triple C

Premium Series Triple C Blend - Coffee Beans Perth

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