Specialty Estate: November Honduras



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Origin: Honduras

Profile: Light/Medium

Process: Washed

Suggested Brew Method: Filter/Aeropress

NOTES | Gentle + Juicy Tangerine Acidity | Light Sweetness | Rounded Body | Soft Chocolate Tones | 

Our mission for the Specialty Estate coffee range is to follow the coffee harvest trail, meaning we go wherever the coffee is freshest and tastiest. this month we travel North from Nicaragua to Honduras, a light to medium roast highlights some gentle and juicy nectarine acidity, coupled with a slight hint of choclate on the finish will make this a cracker black coffee. Interesting to note that this coffee varietal, lempira, shares its name with the honduran currency - a varietal specifically developed for the warmer climate and more acidic soil of Honduras.



Sao Silvestre

Full smooth and loving the boldness. Even better when I brewed it as a double short black though the Aeropress!


Must Try

This is amazing coffee, I've tried a few blends from Yahava which are all so great! but this is by far my favourite.



This coffee is an all round favourite with family and friends. Alistair's comment about trying it cold is so true

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Specialty Estate - Rwandan - Nyungwe Washed

I'm a Black koffee drinker and enjoy the Espresso. Adding milk, brought out those wonderful flavors and I want more of this! I'm so going to miss this koffee, when the run is gone. All I can say; try and you will enjoy this single origin!

  • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.


This is my favourite specialty estate so far! The flavour combination is simply exquisite. Highly recommend giving it a go!

  • 9 out of 9 people found this review useful.

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Specialty Estate: November Honduras

Specialty Estate: November Honduras

Specialty Estate Single Origin - Coffee Beans Perth

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