New Website + How To Reset Your Password

Yes the rumours are true...


This is mostly (99.9%) fantastic news. Our site is:

- More secure

- More reliable

- Easier to use

- AND has some features coming up that we think you will absolutely love!

However, if you have an existing account with us already - you will need to reset your password (you can change it to your current password if you like). This is because it is impossible for us to move your old password across to the new system (because we don't know it!). 

To make this process as easy as possible we have listed the step by step instructions below for you. If you have any trouble what-so-ever we are HERE TO HELP. So please don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call on 9250 8599.

We truly hope you like the new website and welcome any feedback - good, bad or otherwise.

- The Yahava KoffeeWorks Krew

P.S. We no longer accept American Express online - sorry!

How to Reset Your Password

  1.        Click on ‘sign in’ on the Yahava homepage

  2.        Click ‘forgot your password?’

  3.        Enter your email address and click ‘Retrieve Password’

  4.        It should come up with this message: A confirmation email has been sent to your address:

  5.        Check your email account for an email titled “Yahava Password Query Confirmation”

  6.        Open this email and click the link highltighted in blue.

  7.        It should take you to the Yahava website and display this message “Your password has been successfully reset and a confirmation has been sent to your email address:

  8.        Check your email account for a new email titled “Your new password”

  9.        Open this email and inside you will find “Your New Yahava Login Details”

  10.    You should change this password to something you can remember under account setting on the Yahava website.

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