Tastings Bench

Welcome to the Tasting Benches

What does that coffee taste like?

Discovering your favourite coffee shouldn’t be a lottery. If you know what to look for then we will show you exactly how to hunt down the coffee you can fall head over heals in love with.

At any of our KoffeeWorks you will discover the tasting benches; the place where you can sample any one of our wonderful coffees.


Try before you buy is our motto.

But there is so much to discover about our coffees and this is the place to learn.

One of our Krew will explain the subtle differences between the coffees, where they come from, what sets one coffee apart from another and even how you can compare coffees.


Coffee Tasting is anything but boring.

The tasting bench is a place where we expect to have fun. If you are here with friends and family coffee tastings are a fascinating way to discover who likes what and why.


Would you like to try something else?

Coffee is not the only temptation. You will have an opportunity to taste any one of our fourteen teas, iced teas, iced coffees, coffee essences and elixirs or our ‘to die for’ handmade coffee Chokolats.


You won’t leave the Tasting Bench empty handed.

Not only will you know more coffee and the coffee type that you prefer, but we will give you tasting notes so you can remember the coffees you tasted and importantly the ones you have yet to trial. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and stay in the know.


Book a group.

Although bookings are not essential we take bookings for groups of almost any size. Call us and we can reserve you a bench and one of our Krew to look after you and your friends


…and the best part is it’s all FREE.



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