The Tea and Koffee Shed

Welcome To The Koffee & Tea Shed

Spoilt for choice

The Koffee Shed is a cacophony of coffees from the world’s great growing regions. We have settled on just 12 of the best so it is easier for you to find your favourites. A session on the Tasting Benches and squizz at our Koffee Chart will help you zone in on a bean that will push your buttons.


The best of the best

But to add to the fun we tempt you with our Premium Series; The best of the best (when available) and our Specialty Estate; micro lots of outstanding beans discovered in unusual places around the world.


The Seasonal Blends

To cap it off our roasters celebrate Summer and Winter with their Seasonal Blends. All our roasters work together blending their coffees of preference into a ‘super-brew’. We all wait with baited breath for these ‘limited release’ collaborative blends and we are never disappointed.


Beans at their best

You are welcome to bag your own coffee from the bins or ask one of our Krew to help. The beans on display are roasted on site then aged to perfection. These coffees are at their ultimate flavour peak and ready to brew.


Leaf Tea

Another surprise is in store for you at the Tea Shed; fourteen of the world’s finest leaf teas. This is a selection of Single Origin teas,  Blacks, Greens, Whites, Flavoured teas and Herbal Teas. Like coffee the flavour profiles varies but unlike coffee, so do the medicinal properties. There are teas to perk you up or teas to help you to relax, teas to soothe and teas to simply savour.


The Classics

All of our teas are Single Origin teas not blends including our wonderful classics such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Darjeeling.


…and the best part is you can try before you buy.


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