The Koffee Markets

Welcome to the Markets

Where can I find that?

If you are looking for anything to do with hot beverages then spend some time browsing the markets. We are sure you will find what you are looking for. The stalls are packed with treats and surprises; coffee mugs, teapots, tea canisters, plungers, tea and coffee making equipment and much, much more.

Whether it is a must have for your kitchen or a gift for someone else the markets will have it.


Incredible edibles

Chocolate and coffee go together like salt and pepper. Our range of Chokolats you will find nowhere else. Handmade chocolate packed with our roasted coffee, coffee beans coated in Belgian chocolate and delicious drinking chocolate are all doubly addictive treats you will struggle to ignore.



Our own brand of iced tea is brewed and mixed with real fruit juice to our own recipe. This low sugar tea has a beautiful crisp dryness not found in other teas.


The essence of life

Whether you want to spice up or flavour your coffee, make great shakes and smoothies or are looking for a sweet desert topping we have a range of very popular essences and elixirs.


Finding a Gift

The Markets are the perfect place to find that little something for someone you care about. If you can’t find the perfect gift or you are not sure then a gift voucher is probably the way to go.


 All the Fun of the Fair 

Be prepared to spend a chunk of time hunting for treasure. There are literally hundreds of items, many locally made but some acquired on our travels and bought back as souvenirs. Tees, caps, fridge magnets, tea towels, travel mugs and so, so much more. Happy hunting!


…and the best part is you can always spot something you have never seen before!

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