The Brewery

Welcome to the Brewery

Doing the brewing

This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ as they say. The best a coffee has to offer is revealed in the brewing process and what surprises many is just how many different brew processes there are.


The daily grind

The brewery is the place to discover the brewing method you find the best or the most convenient. The oils and flavours can be teased from the bean in a multiple of ways but each requires an exact grind. Aeropress and Espresso demands a powder fine grind while the Plunger is suited to a more granular coffee.


Your weapon of choice

There is no perfect brewing process as they all champion the characteristics of a coffee in different ways. What you will discover is that certain coffees are in fact suited to particular brewing methods. So it is a good idea to have first selected your bean of choice then let one of our Krew do the brew.


Hot or cold

There are hot and cold extraction processes and each has its merits. Cold drips, chemex, emersions, pour-overs, plungers, Aeropresses, stove-tops, filters, percolators and espressos, more kinds than you can poke a stick at and each comes with a learning curve if you desire a quality result. The brewery is the place to find ‘em all.


What about tea?

No we haven’t forgotten our tea fans.

Tea brewing is just as exacting as coffee even if the steeping process is a little less complicated. The Brewery Krew will show you the best steeping methods for your leaf of choice.


…and the best part is now you are ready to rock and roll.




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