Aeropress Subscription Promotion Terms + Conditions

Aeropress Promotion Terms and Conditions

Herein lies the agreement between the “customer” (You) and Yahava KoffeeWorks:

  1. At least one 500g or one kilo bag of coffee must be purchased for the promotion to be valid. There are no other possible combinations: i.e. 2 x 250gram bags.

  2. In the customer's first delivery they will receive their coffee plus a free Aeropress valued at $59.90

  3. The customer must choose a frequency of either:
    Every week;
    Every two weeks;
    Every three weeks; OR
    Every month.

  4. The customer must remain on the subscription for a total of EIGHT deliveries, minimum.
    Note that they cannot get 4 deliveries of one kilo bags.

  5. In order to cancel the subscription, the customer must either:
    Log in to their account at with their supplied email address and password (Often ‘Yahava’) and cancel manually;
    Call 9250 8599 and ask to cancel their subscription; OR
    Email and ask to cancel their subscription.

  6. The customer will be charged a $5.00 as a delivery fee if their postcode falls between 6000-6210 or 6800-6999. If the customer’s postcode does not fall within these brackets – they will be charged a $9.00 delivery fee.

  7. If the customer does not continue the subscription for a minimum of six deliveries – their credit card will be debited for the retail price of the Aeropress ($59.90).


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