A Very Short (and hilarious) History of Coffee 1.

This is one of our favourite tales to tell over a coffee at Yahava and decided it was time to share it with you!


The sun was beating down on a beautiful day in 9th Century Ethiopia and Kaldi, a humble goat-herder was making his way through the fields - curiously watching his goats stampede up and down the terrace! It was almost as if they were... dancing?! Believing it was a sign from the Gods, Kaldi joined the party, paying respect to the Gods with some funky 9th Century Ethiopian dance moves.

After a somewhat long dance session, Kaldi began to wonder exactly what it was that drove his flock in to a violent dance frenzy. So, like any 9th century Ethiopian goat-herder that's worth his salt, Kaldi popped on his investigation hat and got to scrutinizing the evidence.

Kaldi struck gold when he examined the goat droppings! He found buried within the foul smelling excrement a cherry-like fruit. Not just any cherry-like fruit - but a coffee cherry-like fruit (or just a coffee cherry). He had never witnessed anyone or anything consume this little caffeine packed cherry before. He decided he must try it!

History is unclear as to whether Kaldi ventured out to find a new cherry or simply wiped off the excess... waste, and went to town on it.

Suffice to say, once he experienced his first caffeine hit, Kaldi the goat-herder slipped his dancing shoes back on!

You may think this is where the fateful story of our favourite 9th Century Ethiopian goat herder ends - but alas Kaldi's journey was not yet over.

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