A Very Short (and hilarious) History of Coffee 2.

This is one of our favourite tales to tell over a coffee at Yahava and decided it was time to share it with you!


Upon discovering these magical cherries, filled with the energy of a thousand men (ok maybe we're exaggerating), Kaldi wanted to share it with the world!

For weeks Kaldi pondered what he would do with this gargantuan discovery. Many late nights were had and many a coffee cherry was ingested.

He had visions of his family being able to work 10 times harder and 10 times faster (don't we all) and yielding massive crops at the end of the season - with enough food to feed even the largest village.

One day, bubbling with energy and potentially over-caffeinated, Kaldi darted his way along the dusty road to his local monastery. Kaldi presented his prized cherries to a nearby monk, "look I have found the answer to our problems. No longer will we get tired. No longer will we run out of energy. This cherry has been sent to us by the gods!"

The weary old monk had no time for a delusional old goat-herder with 'magic' beans. With barely a glance, the monk cast the cherries in to the fire and set off for morning prayers.

Once the weary old monks had finished prayers they returned to their courtyard and were confronted with the most enticing aroma. They hurriedly went to investigate the smell emanating from the embers of the fire.

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