A Very Short (and hilarious) History of Coffee 3.

This is one of our favourite tales to tell over a coffee at Yahava and decided it was time to share it with you!


There, buried deep among the blazing embers was the coffee cherry, split open and bearing it's toasted seeds as if it really was an offering from the Gods. The monk knelt down and placed his hand among the embers to retrieve the roasted coffee seeds - sure he probably suffered some horrific burns, but hey, it's all in the name of koffee. Sure enough, it was these beautiful little beans that were giving off such a fine aroma.

This was the birth of koffee as we know it today. Of course it took time for the Ethiopian monks to immerse that wondrous bean in hot water and experience a true cup of 'bunna' (Ethiopian for koffee) - but they got most of it right on the first go.

What was the fate of poor Kaldi the 9th Century Ethiopian dancing goat-herder, you say? Good question. There are only rumours of his fate. Some say he spent the rest of his days grooving away the days with his goats, others say he ingested so many cherries that he had a heart attack. No one really knows.

All we do know is that if Kaldi never existed, it's likely that our obsession with koffee might never have formed and Yahava might have just been a tea house! Oh lord. Now that's a scary thought!

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